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Adding Beauty in January, 2015

January 23, 2015

You know what is just the best? Only one of these pics is mine, which means my friends are adding beauty, too!

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The way you are coming alongside me, friends, is truly exquisite! How lovely to see all of you recognizing the beauty in your surroundings. Both the breathtakingly artistic photos and the simple snapshots of moments appreciated are such sweet reminders that we’re not alone. Wouldn’t you agree? It’s nice to know that you mothers/friends/kindred spirits exist in the world and that you are pushing back against the darkness in such tangible ways. It may seem insignificant to you. It’s not.

Here are a few of the ways that January has been bright and beautiful for me…

Kelly’s post entitled, Hail January? My sentiments exactly. (Only she is wayyyy more eloquent than I could ever be.) Read it.

January is kind to us in making us reevaluate. The loud voices in our heads tell us to achieve more! Do more! Go further! January quietly suggests that it might be better to do well at those things we’ve already undertaken — for the glory of God and not ourselves, for the benefit of others.

                 Winter cleaning/ organizing/sprucing around the house is essential for me. I almost thought it wouldn’t happen this year. But then it did.

And I’ll just say that white paint is glorious.

image (7)

My niece came and cleaned for me one day and when she was done, the afternoon sun coming through the windows and shining on the floors was irresistible for a photo, because, you know, NO DUST. ( I’m still trying to find a great frame and a good spot for this gorgeous print that my husband gave me for Christmas. Every day, I need to be reminded of the hope depicted here.)

image (4)

Additionally, Paperwhites. I’ll never not have them during winter.  Ever again. (Ever.)

image (6)

I did some planning and re-vamping of our household chores and responsibilities during the first week of January. So far, things are running smoothly. I have a lot more time on my hands for fun and games and relaxed learning with the kids. This was all made possible because Sam has been carving out big chunks of time for me to relinquish some of my responsibilities and focus on my personal well-being. It’s been blissfully freeing.

image (5)

image (1)

The result of all this? A little more baking, consistent hot meals on the table, and books! Hooray! (Remember, dads, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” It’s totally true.)


image (3)

image (2)

(There’s maple and bacon in this beauty. It tasted even better than it looks!)

We haven’t had much snow, but took advantage of the little bit that has fallen and attempted snow painting. The kids had a different idea than I did.  They took the paint down with them in the sleds over and over, making rainbow stripes all the way down the hill.

image (8)

I hope you’re able to embrace this last week of January. My plan is to be consistent in the small things, think ahead, and brace myself for February, our birthday marathon.

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The ‘Adding Beauty’ Project: Final 52nd Week and Moving On…

January 1, 2015

The completion of a project, from start to finish, is not always something I can celebrate. There are a lot of things left undone on my to-do lists, like abandoned sewing projects, putty-filled holes on walls that remain unpainted and…who can forget THE STAIRS?? (referenced here.) But this post is a celebration of something that was completed and has brought a lot of joy and focus to my heart and home this year, something that I hope and pray continues to grow. Because no matter how much is accomplished, there is always room for more growth. And we all know our own hearts, and what corners of them need to be dusted. I pray I’m never too afraid to let the light shine in and show me where to purge and clean.

Here’s what the last week of #Addingbeauty2014 looked like in the Smith home!


photo 1 (7)


photo 2 (9)


photo 3 (6)


photo 1 (6)


photo (16)

 With all of that being said, can I just take a sec to thank all of you that participated this year? Even if it was only a couple of times, you were all truly an encouragement and an inspiration to me and to so many others.  Let’s keep going, shall we? Join us in 2015 as we recognize and/or create beauty in our surroundings. Use the hashtag #AddingBeauty2015.

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The ‘Adding Beauty’ Project: Week 51

December 30, 2014

Christmas came on this 51st week of adding beauty. How blessed we feel to have celebrated with our sweet little family and enjoyed some quiet and relaxation. I started the week at my parent’s house. While my dad took the big kids all over creation and wore them completely out, my little snuggle buddy and I took a lovely nap, right in my old bedroom. I always felt so safe there. And I still get the best sleep in that room.

photo 5

Did you happen to see this IKEA commercial? So touching. We had determined that we would spend lots of quality time together this Christmas. It’s been so cozy and peaceful. I really don’t know what else we could ask for. We’ve seen our favorite Christmas movies, eaten our favorite foods, played our favorite games and been with so many of our favorite people. We took our time. We kept it simple. Truly what the doctor ordered. (If there had been a doctor involved, and he had ordered something, that is.)

I mentioned our lack of decor, but I feel like things have been more festive around here, in spite of it, and because of this project. Tiny touches of beauty that have been brought to our home all year long really make us feel like there’s just not a whole lot missing. This little bunny in the forest was a last minute add…a result of some scouring of my Pinterest boards.

photo 1 (5)


Our fabric gift wrap is always something we all look forward to using and never fails to make the tree completely stunning. This year was no exception…

photo 2 (7)

I typically get a lot of joy out of making gifts for the kids, but didn’t even put a ton of effort into that this year. I did make a little leather cat purse for the baby, which she loved.

photo 3 (5)



photo 3 (3)

The ‘Adding Beauty’ Project: Week 50

December 23, 2014

We’re all embracing this season with simplicity and no guilt. We’ve done very little decorating, but everyone seems happy and excited anyway. This mama’s heart finds a whole lot of joy and relief in that. Here is just a little something I did to remind us of how much we have to be thankful for this Christmas.

photo 1 (4)

We used some tutorials from Pinterest to make intricate snowflakes and I dehydrated some orange slices to hang on our tree for an all natural touch, using this method.

photo 2 (5)

Keeping things neat and tidy before going to bed makes for such a pleasant morning. This night, I managed to wipe down the kitchen, but there was still laundry and clutter waiting for me in the background.

photo 3 (3)

photo 4 (4)

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Folding Me In

December 18, 2014

Can I just be real honest here and say that I’m a little tired? This season of our life has been wonderfully exhausting. No one can keep up the levels of excitement we’ve been experiencing while caring for young children forever. It just can’t be done. But seasons change and relief comes and I have been graced with rest and friendship that I simply must acknowledge here.

photo 1 (3)

A friend invited me and my children over last week to build and decorate gingerbread houses and eat homemade pizza. I thanked her before hand for the invitation and I thanked her afterward for the hospitality, because truthfully, I haven’t had nearly the energy or enthusiasm for “Christmas” yet this season. (By putting “Christmas” in quotes, I just mean creating the atmosphere and providing the magic for my kids, not the actual event of Christ’s birth. There’s always energy for appreciating that amazing gift.) It felt so nice to take part in something delightful that I didn’t have to plan or host.  Anyway, her words back to me have gripped my heart. She answered simply, “We’re so happy to fold you in.”

I cannot even express how many times I have felt the beauty and comfort of those words throughout the past months. I’m beyond grateful for the simple lunch invitations, play dates, errands run or responsibilities assumed on my behalf. Timely text conversations with a buddy far away when I needed a moment of sanity have been little gifts. Even my house guests and children have been bright spots of grace and understanding to set my heart at ease. My family and friends have understood all the times when plans have changed at the last minute or when I forgot to do something I was supposed to do. Even when I’ve felt like a total flake, I’ve most certainly been “folded in” and I won’t soon forget it.

photo (14)

It’s been a happy, busy year for our family. But when you opt out of certain traditional activities with your kids or community because they require an effort from you that you simply cannot muster, there is a lot of guilt that creeps in. A mama can certainly torment herself about what all she’s NOT doing for her kids. It took everything in me to put up a tree this year, because I couldn’t bear the thought of how much work it would be to put it all away again. We put it up, but I didn’t unpack a single ornament. This post from The Nester inspired me to cover it in snowflakes and call it a day. It might be my most favorite tree ever. And there are paper snowflakes stuck to every window, which seems just right.

photo 2 (4)
This beautiful post from my dear friend Julie was also perfectly timed. There couldn’t have been a better time for me to have read it than during this week before Christmas. Instead of experiencing panic and dismay about everything I haven’t done or won’t accomplish, I’m learning that being “folded in” is a treasure. Even those words from a friend far away about her own worries enveloped me with peace, which I can tuck away and pass along to my little family in so many tangible ways. Grateful is an understatement.

Have you experienced the joy of being “folded in?” Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of such a gift.

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The ‘Adding Beauty’ Project: Week 49 (And, What’s Next?)

December 12, 2014

How can 2014 be nearly over? And can I just say how grateful I am for how so many of you, my lovely friends, have joined me in recognizing, appreciating, and creating beauty in our lives this year? This project has been so encouraging to me and I hope it has been for you, too.

As I’m attempting to quiet my heart over the next couple weeks of Advent, I’m also thinking ahead to what 2015 might look like. I’d love to keep up the blog, simply and similarly to how it was this year. I just don’t have time or energy or motivation to post as frequently as I once did, but if there is an easy way to continue to be a tiny presence on the web, I’m all ears. I have a few ideas, but would love to hear from you. (It could be as simple as changing the date on our hashtag to AddingBeauty2015.) What do you think?

And here is some beauty from the 49th week…the completion of a long-awaited project. We’re all exhausted, but brimming with thankfulness in our hearts. It’s been a week of hard work, late nights, celebrating, and soaking in the experience of finally sending The Green Ember out into the world. You can purchase it at Storywarren or Amazon.

Prepped and cleaned this house like a boss. (I was actually very bossy while doing this. Just ask my kids) My five year old let  me use his big gun to decorate with. As long as we have the understanding that it still belongs to him. Fair enough.

photo (10)

Oh, how I love the details.

photo (11)

Some of Maria VonTrapp’s favorite things are my favorite things too.

photo 3

An occasion for some bubbly! My friend Jamie gave us the bunny stopper and napkins. It’s so nice to be loved. (Keeping it classy with paper cups for kiddos) How about a toast to all who helped make The Green Ember a reality? Cheers!

photo 4


Just Like That

December 11, 2014

I’m not sure how to describe a weekend like the one we just experienced. We finally unpacked The Green Ember. We held it in our hands, sniffed its crispy pages (yes, I’m a book-sniffer), then promptly bundled it up and sent it out into the wide world. Just like that. We had loads of help all week long, prepping for a long few days of book-signing, wrapping and mailing. The phrase, “many hands make light work” is no understatement. It took many hands, but went exponentially quicker than it would have, had we been doing it all on our own. (I can’t thank our team enough for all the help! You know who you are!)

photo 1 (1)

My sweet mother-in-law wrapped books all. day. long. My nieces and nephews did whatever was asked of them and played so nicely in their downtime. At one point during the day, as he stood out in the cold on our front porch taping boxes shut and putting labels on them, my nephew looked up at me and said, “I looooooove working!” (I’ve been instructed by his parents to keep this account for future reference.)

photo 2 (3)

I can’t believe how smoothly it all went, mostly because of our awesome publisher Andrew Mackay. He thought of every little detail to make packing day efficient and fun. We ate well, celebrated, worked our buns off, and finally, after years of dreaming, many of you are now holding it too. Just like that.

Here is a picture of some of our helpers. We didn’t get one with everyone, but this was part of the crew.2014-12-06 14.13.58

My house is once again relatively quiet and empty of boxes upon boxes of books. The food has all been eaten, the bubbly consumed and the excitement is dying down…for us. But now it’s your turn. Finally, our family, friends, and friends of friends, who have supported us eagerly are able to join in the excitement and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The calls, messages, texts, wall posts, pictures and tweets are like little gifts that keep trickling in. It’s so encouraging to read them all and feel your support and love once again. Thanks so much, all you dear folks. We hope the story delights you.

Here, my sweet boy and his dad sign books together. It was a collaborative effort and a memory they will treasure forever.

photo 2 (1)

Soon you’ll all have your books in hand, and as you’re sharing, we’d love for you to hashtag your posts with either #rabbitswithswords and/or #thegreenember so we can all get in on the fun. (It’s great to see so many new pictures that I didn’t take, like below!) If you missed out on the Kickstarter, don’t worry. You can still order your copy either through the Storywarren Store (which helps us a lot!) or on Amazon.

photo (13)


The ‘Adding Beauty’ Project: Weeks 47&48

December 9, 2014

The last two weeks were a total blur, as we pushed to finish our last week of school for the semester and then celebrated a lovely Thanksgiving with dear family. Amid all the rushing around, there were some sweet moments of beauty and rest. I’m so grateful.

It doesn’t take much snow to get my children out the door. This day, there really wasn’t enough to make it worth their while. But I needed some quiet, so I bribed them with cookies if they would stay outside for a while.

photo 1

A sweet friend sent us a package of Christmas goodies to help with all the preparation that takes place during Advent. This little activity gave me ample time to locate my lost keys, and warm my coffee in the microwave 3 times. Yay!

photo 2

I can feel it. Time to quiet our hearts and focus on the waiting, on the coming King. These candles are the only bit of Christmas you can see in our house as of right now. But it’s enough. We’ve still got time to observe how the light grows in the darkness and to make our own preparations.

photo (9)


The ‘Adding Beauty’ Project: Week 46

November 17, 2014

Two great meals that weren’t just thrown together at the last minute and a completed sewing project made this week extra special!

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The ‘Adding Beauty’ Project: Week 45

November 17, 2014

Just a spot of beauty to share for this week. We’re on the home stretch with our fall semester of homeschooling, so there’s not a whole lot of time for observing and reflecting. Right now, we’re just getting it all done. But this little vignette was such a fun thing to assemble. I found this shell in our back yard with moss already growing in it. We added some bunnies and put it in a cozy, abandoned nest that the kids brought in. And we keep it watered so we’ll have a little bit of green to enjoy this winter.


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