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No-Fail February

February 2, 2015

It happens every year. For the homeschool mother of young children and teens, there is often a silent, steady build-up of anxiety, like the watched pot that never boils. Only it eventually does boil and that mama spills over the edge of her pot, with all her feelings of failure and her overwhelming list of Read More


Just Like That

December 11, 2014

I’m not sure how to describe a weekend like the one we just experienced. We finally unpacked The Green Ember. We held it in our hands, sniffed its crispy pages (yes, I’m a book-sniffer), then promptly bundled it up and sent it out into the wide world. Just like that. We had loads of help Read More


8 Years, Fears, and Follow Through

October 27, 2014

Eight years ago, my husband necessarily left an extremely toxic job situation. We were comfortable (well, except for the horrible job part) and cared for. There were benefits and a reasonable salary, but at the time, even the uncertainty of an immediate future without those things seemed better than what he was enduring. So the Read More


Emptying Shelves To Fill Them Up

January 10, 2014

We’re taking the Empty Shelf Challenge. This is something we are attempting this year. I’ve always wanted to keep track of the books we read during the year, but I can’t seem to keep up with my kids. (A good problem to have!) So we’ve emptied a shelf, along with loads of other folks, and Read More


Living (and Decorating) with Kids

June 29, 2012

During my hiatus, I have really enjoyed following Design Mom. I love her blog. And her Pinterest boards are so inspiring! She has a feature called “Living With Kids” that makes decorating with kids in mind seem totally achievable while maintaining a sense of style and personality beyond “Fisher Price.” I know you know what Read More


Reading Help

January 19, 2012

I really loved reading¬†this interview that my friend Stacy linked up to the other day on Facebook, especially the bit about responsive reading. I can’t keep up with all that my 3rd grader reads…honestly. She is so fast, but I don’t want to forget to talk to her about what she’s reading, whether it’s something Read More


Enjoyable Linkage for Your Weekend Browsing

January 6, 2012

I’m taking lots of little breaks during my days…time to put up my feet and drink water and rest up for the next task. So is life. And so I have done lots of browsing/exploring and here are a few links I think you might enjoy. Firstly, If you don’t look at any other links Read More


Loving the Little Years

November 16, 2011

One of the most encouraging mothering books that I’ve read to date now has a website devoted to it! Hip, hip hooray for Loving the Little Years! It has been influences like this book that persuade me not to stress about moments like these, but to enjoy them. (My kids have been really creative with Read More


Art Advice from a 12 Year Old

October 13, 2011

I recently had a conversation with an amazing and funny 12 year old named Aedan. It’s probably not all that unusual, but hearing him use the word ‘oblivious’ in casual conversation was just so charming. Anyway, he happens to be a budding artist (you can see some of his work here). My husband and I Read More


So Far

January 11, 2011

I thought I’d share a few of the goals I have come up with for the year.¬† I know resolutions are like, so two-weeks-ago, but we don’t want to be hasty with these things, do we now? In fact, my cousin Amy (I can call you my cousin, right Amy?) has a hilarious take on Read More

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