January 24, 2010

I am an educator, a nurturer, a cook, a companion, an editor, a sounding board for ideas, a manager, a bookkeeper, a teacher of truth, among a hundred other things.

Our family motto is taken from John 1: “Grace and Truth.” This is what we want to communicate to others and my husband has encouraged me to increasingly look for ways to extend those values in whatever spheres of influence God may give me, inside and outside our little family. I am blessed and happy about God’s plan for my life.I believe it is part of my calling to embrace with contentment my place in the world.

I am a child of God, by the work of Jesus. I am a wife and a mother, grateful for where God has placed me.

On this blog, you’ll find mostly things that inspire me on this journey. It might be sewing, art, music, books for adults and children, activities, schooling ideas, helpful links, recipes…just a glimpse of the way we “do life” around here. Feel free to stay awhile!