Adding Beauty in 2015

June 1, 2015

In case you’re wondering…yes, I’m still participating in this project. But as I’ve said in the past, when the blogging isn’t happening, the living is.

photo 1

We’ve spent the first month of freedom from school recouping, which has entailed putting the house back in order, pulling weeds, planting things, playing soccer, relaxing, and resting together. We’ve already taken spontaneous walks, stayed up too late a few times, eaten sweets, and spent a couple of mornings playing board games. These things may seem so simple, but they are truly things we’ve not had the time or space to enjoy for quite a while.

photo 2

After my morning walk/run, I took a little nap on the trampoline. Sun on my face, pretty trees framing that gorgeous blue sky. Beauty.

I’m feeling very protective of our family these days, as far as how many things we say “yes” to. Not that I’m an expert or anything, but I’ve been doing this marriage/family thing for about 15 years now, and I’ve learned that I can certainly set myself up for failure by coming out of the gates with guns blazing. I’ve set the bar really high with birthday parties, only to realize that I can’t match my own enthusiasm from year to year. I’ve made grand plans for summers, only to come to the end of them and realize that we didn’t even do half of what I thought we would. It’s depressing. It’s discouraging. It can be downright devastating, depending on our outlook. So I’m cautiously optimistic about this summer. The goals I’ve set seem doable, and we’re really focusing on having thankful hearts when we do something fun, rather than being bummed about the things we miss, either by choice or by circumstance.

photo 3

I found an old bicycle wheel in the garage and hung it in a tree over a picnic table. Laced some twinkle lights all through and… instant garden chandelier!

How are you approaching summer? Are you going to conquer the world? Or maybe just the laundry?

photo 4