Adding Beauty in March, 2015

March 31, 2015

It definitely happens, no matter how much you talk about one thing or another, and no matter how passionately you feel about it. At some point, you find it difficult to embrace the thing you thought was coming easily to you. March was like that for me. I had to t-h-i-n-k really hard about finding beauty. I had to f-i-g-h-t to appreciate the mundane goodness of life. There was a lot of frenzy, a lot to do. There was so much time for making messes and not enough for cleaning them up. And I’m not sure why this kind of scenario is always so upsetting to me, because there is always an end to the chaos. There is always a day or two of recovery, then all is well, or well on the way. I’m not sure why it’s so hard for me to remember and hold on to that.

When reflecting on this month, I found it necessary to go back to my Instagram feed and find out exactly what I did to add beauty to my world. Couldn’t remember a thing. Some days (or months) are like that, I guess.

But lo and behold…the pie! I ended up making three of them. So of course, we ate some for breakfast when there wasn’t quite enough cereal to go around. (Why wasn’t there enough cereal? Oh, because we were buried in snow. Buried.)


A few warm days gave us spring fever, but that was quickly doused with another bout of cold. So, hot chocolate.


Another stresser? Homeschool testing. But my kids weren’t stressed. All they care about are the snacks. Do you see a theme to the ways I’ve added beauty? And actually, if we’re being really honest here…I actually wasn’t as stressed about testing as I would like to let on. I kept my kids out til midnight the night before so I could go see a concert with my man. For my birthday. My brother and sister in law kept them until it was over, then we all rushed home for the busy week ahead.


Also for my birthday, my mom gave me this framed cross stitch piece I’ve been eyeing and not-so-subtly hinting about. She made it when she was engaged to my dad. My Paw Paw made the frame, and it hung outside my bedroom the whole time I was at home. So history, sentimentality, intricate stitch-work equals beauty.


Today, on this last day of March, I gathered some daffodils that were drooping from a very cold night and brought them in. The sun shining in on my dirty windows and those golden beauties was just the reminder of hope I needed. Not to mention those little paintbrushes, just waiting to bring more color and light to this house.


Now, I’ve got to make some progress on working off all that pie…