The ‘Adding Beauty’ Project: Week 15

April 9, 2014

This week ended our family birthday marathon. No more birthdays until October! I let the house go and enjoyed my oldest girlie as much as I could, in addition to getting the essentials done (meals, schoolwork, appointments). Yes, I’ve said it before, beauty looks awfully different from week to week. And this one was spent primarily on the kids. They needed attention and discipline and lots of hugs.

I spent a little extra time on someone’s hair a couple times…how much longer will she like pigtails??


We enjoyed Coq au Reisling one evening, and Connect Four made the preparation of it just a little less crazy. (Why are kids so bonkers at dinnertime?) How, you ask? One day, when one of the kids failed to pick up after themselves, we discovered that this game keeps the babe occupied for long periods of time. Hooray for messy kids!


This dollhouse, which we’ve had for 5 years now, gets daily use. Whether its tenants include Spiderman or Polly Pocket or Megamind or just regular people or animals, is anyone’s guess. This week, it was bookish bunnies. I love what imaginative children bring to the table. It’s truly refreshing and yes, beautiful.