Embracing Our Summer

June 6, 2011

This summer I’m being purposeful about how the kids and I fill our days. It seems like most years, I get to the end of summer and feel sorry that I didn’t get around to doing certain things with the kids. I’ve seen Brook’s summer list as well as Meg’s and they look fun and attainable at the same time. I am forthwith determined to make one of our own! So, whether it’s a snack or treat I want to make with them, a place we’d like to go, a game I want to play or a craft/project we can do together, we’re making a list and checking it off. It’s a must.

Ashley had a great summertime post with an array of links for summer activities and inspiration. I was especially charmed with Martha’s suggestions.

And what about these jars? How fun for the kids’ bedrooms on a summer evening! I need to find some of that glow paint. ASAP

My husband caught the kids in the throes of some serious hunting last week. Perhaps that activity will end up on our list…

How about you? Got any great summer plans or traditions?