For Now…

April 19, 2011

I’m a happy kind of tired these days. We’re making a lot of progress on our home, which doesn’t leave much time for blogging, unfortunately.

But for now, here are some things I’m thinking about/appreciating/enjoying/whatever.

The process of downsizing. I really do enjoy this and am proud of my kids (and myself and hubby) for letting go of things (and books!) I think we all just have too much stuff!

Birthdays. Celebrating has been a good escape for us.

Helpful friends and family. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of help we’ve received, from watching kids to jumping in and doing grunt work, to bringing us meals, to helping me with my responsibilities outside the home. We’re undeserving, but oh so thankful.

Clean spaces. I’m so appreciative of a clean counter top or table top or floor space or a neatly organized shelf in the midst of little messes everywhere. You know how sometimes in order to organize, you have to make a bigger mess before things are back to order? Yeah, that’s annoying.

Familiar places, Like the road where I grew up.

Imaginative kids. They’ve had more time on their own than I normally like, but they’re filling it beautifully with great imaginative play and very little complaints, at that!

Health. Haven’t really had our usual spring onset of puking or croup…knock on wood.

Plans, lists. It’s nice to see what needs to be done and know how it will be accomplished.

Things getting marked off of lists. Oh, sometimes I feel like things will never be back to normal until I look at how much we’ve accomplished so far!

Creative inspiration from other places. Sometimes I just need more perspective and fresh ideas from some place other than my own brain.

Freshly cut grass.

The smell of brush burning.  Did I mention s’mores? No? It was an oversight on my part, then. S’mores!!

Leftovers. I’ve wanted to be able to feed our helpers, so the meals I’ve been making have been pretty large. It’s nice to have something already made in the fridge so I don’t have to slow down to cook all that often. (Also, processed food. There. I said it.)

New life. Ahhh…babies in the family. I had forgotten how much I love getting those “she’s here!” kind of phone calls.

Funny kids. Oh, wow, they keep us in stitches.

Supportive husband. He brings me chocolate and tells me it’s all gonna be okay. He puts the kids to bed and teaches them how to clean up after themselves so I’m not the only one harping. He works really hard ALL DAY LONG.

Daily chores. Routine is so nice.

Netflix. Does Liberty’s Kids count as a history lesson? Don’t answer that.

Reading this. Love love loved it. Need, need, needed it. I don’t know how many times over the past few weeks I have lost patience with my kiddos for little things, even fussed at them for little annoyances, all as a result of my own stress and expectations.  As much as it grieves me, I can claim a small victory in the fact that I am starting to get really good at making things right, almost as soon as I have gotten them wrong. I think Lizzie’s advice on this is great:

Do not let things run out of control and burn off, waiting until you feel really bad and want to get it right. Get it right as soon as you get it wrong. Your emotions will follow. You don’t need to spend a certain amount of time in the midst of the fail. Get back out of it as soon as you get in.

This morning, as I sit here enjoying a few minutes of quiet before everyone wakes, I am really thankful  to be writing in this space again. I’ve missed it. I’ve missed all of you!  Thanks for waiting on me…