“I Not Dead.”

April 11, 2011

That’s how my 2 year old would say it, if he were playing guns or swords with his brother. It’s what I say to you, when I haven’t blogged for many moons. Sorry about that. I’m just trying to get my life (and all our books!) in order. We have a lot of books. I already knew that, but the reality of it is staring me in the face presently. There are stacks of books everywhere!

Things are looking different around here, but we’re not done with all our work, so I’ll probably still be hit or miss for a while. I do apologize, but you understand, right?

Along with all of our renovations/home improvements, I’ve been feeling a little (okay, a lot) guilty about our schooling, or lack thereof. So reading this last night was so encouraging to me. It’s always nice to be reminded of these things. While we were on the road, staying out of our house while the floors were being refinished, I overheard my son and my brother talking one morning. We were headed to co op classes that day, and the kids were excited. My son tagged one of his sentences with this: “Well, every day is school, you know. ‘Cause every day you learn stuff.” I’m so thankful he understands that.

While I haven’t had time for blogging, I did start “pinning” in the midst of all this. Simply, it’s a quicker, more efficient way to bookmark links, while accompanying each one with a picture. If you’d like to see what kinds of things are inspiring me, feel free to follow me, or sign up for your own pin board. Before long, you’ll be addicted. Trust me.

Here is a little before and after shot for you, inspired by Natalie.


After (sorry, the light was not good the day we came back)