So Far

January 11, 2011

I thought I’d share a few of the goals I have come up with for the year.  I know resolutions are like, so two-weeks-ago, but we don’t want to be hasty with these things, do we now? In fact, my cousin Amy (I can call you my cousin, right Amy?) has a hilarious take on resolutions. Read her I WILL NOTS for 2011 here.

But back to mine…

1. Give my family more hugs. Specifically, 3 really good squeezes a day per person. That’s doable, right? Simple, but unfortunately something I forget to do. My family needs my touch.

2. Make a successful rack of lamb. I’m thinking this one.

This is my dad’s fire place. It is so cozy, and my grandfather made the owl that sits in there, watching over the family activity.

3. Pursue more consistent quiet times, accompanied by journaling. No specifics like every night or 4 times a week, just the word “consistent.” Lame? It’s the best I can do. Molly posted such an encouraging article about this very thing, along with a link to the Bible reading plan for Shirkers and Slackers. My QTs will be based on the passages that our church is studying at the time. I feel like this is the best way for me to engage myself  in the Word, and in our corporate church meetings.

4. I just finished reading this book that my husband got me for Christmas. It has been so refreshing…not a whole lot of new stuff, just some great perspective and encouraging commentary about stuff I needed to be reminded of. Make sense?  It has resulted in my determining to bathe my mothering in a lot more prayer. Everyday, I need wisdom, self control, patience, and kind words. Even since coming to this profound realization (once again!), little whispered prayers in the midst of tiny storms have been providing so many of the elements that my kids need from me. Proof positive that I cannot do this alone.

This is my dad’s fireplace after my kids had been there for about 5 minutes. More cozy? Or less? Depends on the person, I guess.

5. Also, I’m going to get in the habit of exercising. Using the buddy system,  I’m embarking on an exercise regimen in pursuit of a more healthy me.