Ideas for Creative Travel–No Boredom Allowed.

August 4, 2010
If you’ve got any traveling left to do this summer, here are a few links to some great ideas for being on the road…
We love these window crayons! There is actually a tiny little note left on one of our car windows from last year’s vacation.   We just couldn’t bear to wipe it off. Once your kids are big enough to reach the windows from their seats, you’re good to go.
Check out these fantastic pouches for several different occasions, at Playful Learning’s On the Go post.

I haven’t gotten around to making this lap desk, but how fun! (can you say back burner?)

However, this travel pillow is so cute and simple. I’ve got a couple tucked away in my Jeep even now for snoozing anytime we’re on the go.

Ever looking for games/activities to do with your kiddos while you’re in the car? Mom’s Minivan never lets me down. I love the idea of string figures. When my kids are a bit older, we’ll try it. (I think it would only be a source of frustration right now.) We’re gonna stick with finger knitting for the time being.

The Highlights website has hidden pictures that you can print and take with you. I always loved those when I was little–still do!

Also, depending on the length of your trip, I would not rule out the handy dandy DVD player. We have borrowed one a couple of times for some long trips and I must say it was wonderful. Wonder-ful. Something about watching movies in the car fills kids with wonder. And after you’ve used up all your great ideas and your fun snacks, you’ll be ready for some wonderful.