“Traces of Grace”

July 30, 2010

The following was written by a favorite blogger of mine who, after 5 years, is calling it quits here in internets-land. I’ve been so blessed in so many ways by Tonia, and she’s taking down her site, which is the reason I’m quoting a lot of her farewell post. (won’t be able to send you there with a link) I thought the words were so beautiful and the advice, so sound. I love being reminded of truth by someone who has been through stuff. Life is hard, but it’s also wonderful. Who knows how long I’ll keep doing this blogging/twittering/facebooking thing, but while I’m here, I hope to keep these things in mind. Maybe you will too.

after five years, this is best advice i can give to you:  when you are online, love. listen. assume the best.  speak life.  pray.  learn.  leave nothing but traces of grace behind you. arguing over perfect doctrine, shutting people out because they read the wrong books or like the wrong authors, pointing fingers, pointing out sin, endless discussions over politics and religion, mocking brothers and sisters who don’t see things the way you do, all of it is such a waste of time and i believe it grieves our Lord.   please, leave something behind you that testifies to the life and joy of your salvation!

secondly, be gentle with yourselves.  remember that no one can do it all.  no one. if you see someone online who seems to have it all together and accomplishes everything perfectly, be assured that you do not have the whole picture.  all of us choose where to spend our time at the expense of something else.   choose wisely as the Lord leads YOU and let other people flourish where the Lord plants them.  the temptations to promote yourself, to seek after traffic, to write nonsense in order to be popular, are great.  remember who you are in Christ and why you write.  please the Lord and nothing else matters.

and lastly, if ever you find yourself drawn away from time with the Lord for time with these glittery screens, i urge you to turn the computer off immediately and go away with your Savior.  these words and images, links and comments, traffic and publishing are all going to disappear.  Jesus is all that will remain.  seek Him first above all else, dear ones.