Family Post Office

April 19, 2010

We get tons of pictures and drawings delivered to us on a weekly basis.  As you know, I’m constantly looking for ways to use, reuse, store and display our kids’ art. (as evidenced here and here) And I’m still finding so many great ideas. I definitely don’t want to beat a dead horse here, (or any horse for that matter! I like animals) but here are some more ideas on organizing/displaying kids art. I have so much of it around here, that I was particularly interested in the mini art mosaic.

But here is the real reason for this post.  I’ve long wanted to establish some sort of family mail system, so that in the shuffle between when items are delivered, and when I actually get around to doing something with them, they will have a temporary home. (Also, I am not a saint. I don’t keep it all. In fact, the majority of it gets tossed, if that tells you anything about the volume of art and letters we get!) Anyhoo, I originally had something sewn in mind, like this. Just haven’t gotten around to it yet. And maybe I never will. But a girl can dream.

And in the meantime, I might just try this envelope system to see how it works. I think my kids will eat it up. And all you non-sewers can be happy that I’ve posted something that doesn’t require enormous amounts of talent and sewing skills.